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Service work order form

Order service machinery:
Probable fault device:
I agree with the following prices servicing, freight and general service conditions specified on site www.jks.cz by JKS & Trade Ltd. Koclířov 161; 569 11 as contractor servicing.
Service pricelist:  
The work of an engineer per hour 450,-Kč
Technician time spent on the road (one technician) 250,-Kč
Price per kilometer of service vehicle 11,-Kč

In the event that a warranty repair technician to assess the site. If you can not decide on the spot assessment, the responsible employee of the Contractor in writing with reasons within 7 days.

The most important attribute of our service is the supply of machines and equipment for the woodworking industry, their installation, commissioning and staff training to maximání user's satisfaction.
The JKS & Trade Co. Moravia provides all the machinery and equipment supplied by customer service quality carried out by trained technicians.
Delivery of spare parts ensures Dette Company Ltd.

We provide the following services:
- Assembly and installation of new and old machines into operation
- Warranty Service
- Customer service
- Service of machines
- Design and construction work
- Additional production automation

Our constantly updated with spare parts warehouse is used to quickly solve your current problems with the supply.


Mr. Michal Smid, +420 606 680 801

fax: +420 461 543 040

E-mail: obchod.smid@jks.cz

Take the advantage of years of experience in servicing and maintenance of woodworking machinery.